Fantastic Ideas for Your Spare Room

So, you have an extra room in your house, but you don’t know what to do with it. Take a minute to realise how lucky you are – having a spare room is amazing, you can turn it into anything you like.

Whether you have an old storage room or a rarely used guest bedroom, why not give it a fresh look and use it for something useful.

As this is a spare room, you don’t necessarily have to use it as a practical space. You could use it to learn a new hobby or create your own personal space – the options are limitless.


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For some fabulous ideas, have a read of this:


Whilst there is no need to be practical, if you have young children and a spare room, turning your spare space into a playroom is a lovely idea.

You can fill the room with toys, games and art materials, and make it into a place where your children are happy to play for hours.

Relaxation room

This can be a place for any relaxing activity that you like, from yoga and meditation to reading and drawing.

Paint the room a neutral colour like white or cream to make the space more relaxing.

The furniture you have will depend on what kind of relaxation space you want. If you are planning to use the room purely for meditation purposes, the furniture can be as simplistic as a rug and some floor pillows.

A book room

Do you love to read? Are you a major bookworm? Why not use your spare room as a reading space? Fill the room with shelving, sofas and bean bags and use this space as a place to relax and enjoy a good book.

Make sure the room is well lit, so that you can read easily no matter the time of day. Ensure that you have the most comfortable seating possible, such as a large oversized sofa or perhaps even a customizable bean bag Chair.

A home office

If you work from home and have a spare space, it makes sense to turn it into a home office.

For a calming atmosphere, paint the walls a neutral colour like beige or grey. Add shelving for your files, as well as a desk and computer for you to work from. If the room is large enough, you could also add a small coffee machine and a mini fridge into it. That way you won’t need to leave your office whilst you are working.

A den

If you have teenage children, turning your spare room into a den for them is an excellent idea. Make this into a space where your kids can relax and hang out with their friends without getting in anyone’s way.

Depending on the size of the room, place a large sofa in there, as well as a television, DVD player and any games consoles that your children own. If the room is quite large you could also add in some extra bits, like a pool table, an air hockey table or a retro games machine. All of these can be picked up online for a relatively low price.

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