How To Make Your Kitchen Appliances Last Longer

Whilst kitchen appliances don’t tend to have the longest of lifespans, a little bit of maintenance can keep them running for longer than expected.

Appliances that are not cleaned and maintained properly can be forced to work harder, putting extra strain on their motors. Any additional stress that an appliance is under can shorten its lifespan.

As buying new appliances can be quite expensive, taking small steps to help extend their life, is most definitely worth it.


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For our easy-to-follow DIY guide to kitchen appliance care, have a read of this.

Dishwasher care

Some dishwashers have a built-in mechanism that allows them to break down food easily, whilst older models do not. For older appliances that don’t have this mechanism, leftover scraps of food on plates and pans, etc. can cause some real problems. So, it is best to remove them by running dishes under a tap before loading into the dishwasher.

To keep your dishwasher’s door in good condition, make sure to clean it regularly and check the seal once a month. If water or dirt is left to build up on the door’s seal, it can cause mold to grow which can be hard to get rid of. If you find that your seal has become loose or is broken in some way, it is a good idea to replace it. Otherwise, your appliance may start to leak.

To keep your dishwasher’s parts working well, it is a good idea to flush it with a special cleaning solution made for internal parts cleaning. This prevents blockages and keeps your devices’ part working well.

Fridge upkeep

To keep your fridge running properly, there are a few different things you can do.

Try to keep your fridge’s temperature at the recommended level. To do this, avoid leaving the fridge door open for longer than necessary.

Regularly clean the compressor coils located at the back of the refrigerator. Don’t let dust or dirt build up there, as this can lead to problems with your appliance. Use a hoover to remove all dirt, dust and debris from the area. To ensure dust doesn’t cause problems, do this once a week.

Clean the inside of the fridge at least once a week with an antibacterial spray. Make sure to remove all dirt from the shelf corners and handle, as well as any ice from the back of the shelves.

Make sure to inspect the fridge’s door seals at least once a month. If the seals on the door become loose or moldy, it is a good idea to replace them immediately.

Ensure you keep on top of internal maintenance issues too. If your fridge starts to leak, becomes hot or makes a funny noise, this is a sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it, try to find out what the problem is and replace the part that is broken. You can find original Whirlpool parts for your refrigerator by having a look online.

Freezer maintenance

Freezers can last for a good decade if cared for properly. Whilst a freezer does not need too much maintenance, doing a couple of small things can help to keep your freezer working for longer.

Make sure to place your freezer in a cool location. Never place a freezer near a boiler, radiator or a window that gets a lot of sun. Freezers kept in warm places have to work a lot harder, putting extra strain on the motor and other parts, leading to a shorter lifespan.

Regularly de-ice your freezer. Removing excess ice from your freezer will improve the devices air flow and temperatures. A build-up of ice will put unnecessary stress on the devices motor.

Washing machine care

A high quality washing machine can last for a good few years, as long as it is maintained correctly.

Whilst accidently washing a tissue with your clothes is rather annoying – picture white fluff on everything, it can actually cause damage to your machine. Bits and pieces from your pockets can end up getting trapped in your washer. So, make sure to remove any items from clothes before washing.

What your washing machine needs in terms of maintenance, will mostly depend on the particular model. For instance, some models need extra cleaning care, to stop mold building up on the seals and within the machine. Machines that have a cleaning cycle on them require this to be regularly used. Otherwise, they may stop working effectively.

Spending a few hours each month checking and maintaining your kitchen’s appliances, is worthwhile as it can help to keep them running for longer.

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