How To Transform Your House on A Budget

Sprucing up your home is a great way to invigorate your entire life. After all, our homes are an expression of our characters and (most importantly) our retreat. Whether you are updating your home or redecorating a new one, there’s lots of little tips and tricks you can use to keep the costs down whilestill achieving the look you want.


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Mix It Up

We all know the bathroom and the kitchen are the most expensive areas of the home to renovate. Appliances and fitted furnishings all make them difficult to restructure, often limiting us to decorative changes. Decoration in itself can have a huge impact on these spaces. A brand new kitchen might be expensive but replacing cabinet doors is a lot cheaper. If your budget will stretch to it, a new worktop can breathe a fresh lease of life into old cabinets.

If you are renovating on a shoestring, decorate the cupboard doors yourself. A sander is relatively cheap to hire for the day and makes stripping both varnishes and coloured finishes pretty easy. You can then repaint the doors in a fresh colour, varnish them or even make them really personal by adding stencil designs and motif detailing. Do not underestimate the difference small changes like this can make to your space.


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Make Use of Space

The issue with most bathrooms is that they tend to be very compact. A well-designed bathroom needn’t feel small providing it has everything you need and plenty of space for storage to stop it getting cluttered. Storage is key here, and there’re lots of innovative things you can do to stop the room feeling small and poky. Place all the kids bathtime toys in drawstring bags and hang them on row of hooks mounted on the wall to save space. If you don’t have much cupboard space, a sideboard is great for storing towels and cosmetics. If you invest in a hardy, wooden one (you can pick these up second hand) you could even mount the basin on top of it. This creates a stylish sink unit with plenty of space that completely transforms the look of your room. Look for a plumber in Rockwall to get a good idea of prices and timescales for this kind of work.


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Make It Personal

Whether you’ve grown out of your existing colour scheme or it’s fallen out of fashion, we all reach a point when we need a change. Renovating your bedroom can be as simple as a new lick of paint or as involved as replacing your entire furniture collection. Again, refreshing wooden furniture with a new varnish or colour works wonders here. For a designer look (that keeps costs down) wallpaper one wall to create a focal point. Paint the other three in a complementary shade to complete the look. If you want to channel some hot trends for 2015, choose darker papers in cobalt blue, indigo and violets. Moody florals are set to take the interiors world by storm so tap into this fashion with wallpapers, art prints and accents. Metallic touches such as mirrors, lamps and trinkets help to finish the look and tie it all together.

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