Is Your Bedroom To Blame For Your Lack Of Sleep?

If you have had a few sleepless nights, you are probably already at the end of your tether with everything and everyone. Losing sleep can be so damaging to our health both physically and mentally. Sometimes we are just frequently waking in the night. Other times, we can’t even fall asleep. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation and you cannot figure out why, you may need to try a different bedroom!

We don’t mean you need to move out of your house or go live in a hotel. Try to change the bedroom you live in already. Sometimes a change is as good as a vacation. There are lots of tweaks you can try to transform a room. Some of them are quick and easy, and some of them will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your weary time. If you are really struggling to sleep, it may be time to blame the bedroom, and make those small changes to bring the zzzzzzzzs back to your life.


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Start with taking a good long look around the room. If the room is untidy, put everything away in its place. Then remove every item that does not absolutely have to be in there. Clutter, mess and even the sight of dust in your bedroom can play on your subconscious and cause you to be restless in the night. Think minimalism. Remove ornaments and any unnecessary books and photos too. Take away the TV if you have one. Now you can see your bedroom in all its naked glory, it’s time to make it beautiful again.

If the walls need a fresh coat of paint, then decorate. Make sure the room is at least very clean in appearance. A fresh room is great for getting a good sleep. Open the windows for twenty minutes to blow out the stale air too. Change your curtains and bed linen. You can click here for more info on new duvet covers. Buying new gives you a chance for some different and fresh.

Check the quality of your bed. If you are tossing and turning all night, your bed may be at the end of its life. You can cheaply replace a mattress topper with a memory foam one. For a medium cost, just replace the mattress. Or go all-out and replace the whole thing. Perhaps you can even stretch to a bigger sized bed? Think storage or think style, but thinking new gives you a new start in your sleep routine.

Once you have refreshed your bedroom, you are nearly ready to sleep and feel refreshed yourself. Commit to the same bedtime and waking up time every day for a whole week, including the weekends. No matter how tired you are, force yourself to get up at the same time. Find a bedtime routine that you can keep up every day in the same order, so your mind and body recognise it as time to go to sleep. Keep your bedroom just for sleeping and snuggling with your loved one, and you should soon be off to the land of nod.

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