Low Cost Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom


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A complete bathroom refurbishment can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming. Instead, why not employ some of these easy and affordable ways to spruce up your bathroom and make it look as good as new.

Remove stubborn dirt

Bathrooms have a tendency to build up stubborn dirt and grime which you can spend forever trying to remove. You may have dark mold and mildew around the shower or bath and any other areas which come into contact with water regularly. There are heavy duty products that remove this stubborn dirt so have a look for these next time you are at the supermarket or DIY store. When using products like this, make sure you read the instructions carefully and you will definitely need to protect any exposed skin. Roll up those sleeves and scrub your bathroom until it is sparkling clean. You will be amazed at the difference a bit of scouring can do to improve the look of your bathroom.


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Sort out the storage

If you have half used bottles of shampoo and body wash scattered around your bathroom you may need to consider some storage options. There are plenty of nifty storage ideas that work in all spaces, so have a look online for ideas or in your local homeware shop for storage possibilities.

Replace or fix any faulty fittings

If you have a faulty toilet handle or an old shower curtain, fix and replace these items. Make sure that if you plan to do any significant changes that you contact a local reputable plumber for help. If you have not used plumbing services previously ask for a recommendation from a friend or a neighbor. Alternatively, you can search for plumbers in your area by using the internet. For example, by searching for Mississauga plumbing you will find plumbers in the Toronto area. However, there are certain improvements and fixes you can do safely yourself, like fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a cracked tile.


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Freshen up the walls

The combination of steam and dust can leave a layer of dirt on your bathroom walls. Take a sponge and some detergent and remove this grime to make your walls shine. You may wish to add a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper to your bathroom walls to really make the room look fresh.

Add mirrors

If you have a small bathroom adding mirrors to the walls will give the illusion that the space is bigger. Try to get long horizontal and vertical mirrors to give your bathroom length and height.

Add a little luxury

The bathroom is a place to cleanse and relax. You can make your bathroom more inviting by adding a few little luxury items. Turn your bathroom into a spa by positioning scented candles throughout the space. Add some flowers that are suitable to be kept in doors like orchids. You may also want to put a music player or speakers in your bathroom that can fill the room with calming music or sounds from nature.

The last thing you MUST do is run yourself a warm bubble bath, lie back and enjoy your beautiful bathroom.

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